Making Automated Inspection Affordable, Flexible and Easy-to-use


CubeXLab provides rental and service-based programs of its standard and customized automated vision inspection solutions that are highly affordable, flexible and easy-to-use for part and component manufacturers in automotive, fastener, plastic injection and pharmaceutical industries.

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One Machine for Multi-Part Inspections

The UIM-100 is a state of the art universal inspection solution designed for manufacturers who demand quality control over a wide variety of products and not willing to invest in multiple machines for dierent component types. This system gathers all of your inspection needs into ONE integrated modular system capable of inspecting products with dierent sizes and types in your plant. UIM-100 is robust and aordable enough to be used by dierent sectors of the industry, from small/midium-size machine shops to large industrial corporations. Our ultimate goal is to save your business time and money by eliminating the extra labor costs and increasing your production output and quality.


A Flexible Automated Solution

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A Flexible Automated Solution

To make automated inspection flexible and easy-to-use, we have developed our innovative Universal Inspection Machine (UIM-100). The UIM-100 gathers inspection needs of multiple component types of different sizes and shapes into ONE integrated modular system. The UIM-100 could be easily integrated and used in manufacturing plants or distribution centers without the need of any human expertise.

Easy Part Switch

One of the biggest advantages of the UIM-100 is the easy part switch between a variety of different parts. Change your inspection parts easy in no time without a hassle. The machine design includes an easy part-switch technology to remove the tedious task of training people and save time during part switching.